Help - Photos by Gerry


Quick Guide

From the webpage (my home page), click on any photo to navigate down the folder hierarchy to the galleries and photos below. Use the Home menu item or the folder navigation trail (top left) to navigate back up the folder hierarchy.

In a gallery, click on any photo to see it enlarged in the lightbox, or click on the slideshow button to display the photos in the gallery as a full screen slideshow. Click on the small X in the top right hand corner to close the lightbox or slideshow. There are onscreen options to stop and restart the slideshow or to control it manually ( < > ).

In the lightbox, mouse-over the bottom left edge to see the photo caption (if any) and the photo’s keywords. On the lower right hand side are clickable icons for creating a share link, adding a comment, giving a “thumbs-up” (i.e. like the photo), getting photo details (e.g. shutter speed, ISO, etc), changing photo display size or to buy a print of the photo.


A 5 item menu is displayed on the top right of all pages (except for the slideshow and lightbox).

Home - Open the webpage, i.e. my home page, in the current window. Here you will see either my featured photos (in a slideshow or as a carousel) or, you will see photos representing my top level folder hierarchy. Folders are indicated by a small folder icon underneath each image followed by the folder name. Click on the image or the folder name to navigate down the folder hierarchy. The lowest level folders contain galleries, which then contain the photos. Galleries are indicated by a small 3-layered photo icon followed by the gallery name, e.g. 2015 - Skyfire 27.

Browse - will open the webpage in the current browser window. This page shows photos representing the top level folder hierarchy of the website. Here you may click on a photo (or the text underneath each photo) to navigate down the folder hierarchy to the galleries below. Subordinate folders are shown with a folder icon, while galleries are shown with a layered picture icon.

Search - will open the webpage in the current window. Here you may search the entire website by entering one or more keywords in the search bar and then clicking on the magnifying glass icon. You can select what kind of things to search for by clicking on photos, videos, galleries, folders and pages (currently videos and pages will not return any results).

Search results will display beneath the search bar and will indicate how may items were found (e.g. 13,248 images, 7 folders, 6 galleries). Clicking on folders or galleries will open that folder or gallery in the current window. Clicking on an image will open the gallery containing the image and then open the image in the lightbox (which overlays the gallery). Closing the lightbox returns you to the gallery (not the search page).

About - Displays my About page which has information about me and my interests.

Help - displays this information.

All images copyright © Gerry van Apeldoorn. Images may be downloaded only for private, non-commercial use